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Welcome to my gardening page! Check out my Instagram account here. Below, you will find links to items I have and use in my garden!

Plant Protection:

I use Snap Clamps to keep either insect netting or frost protection on my low tunnels on my raised bed.

Garden wear:

I LOVE my Sloggers for working in the garden! They are waterproof and super cute! Wearing them keeps my street shoes from getting super muddy!

For composting:

I keep all my food scraps in the Scrap Happy Freezer Bin in the freezer until it’s full. Then I take it out to my compost tumbler (which was very easy to set up with my husband) or worm bin.

For Potted Plants:

I keep my pots on these patio/deck protectors to allow for better drainage on my concrete patio. I’ve also used these plant stands, which have the sturdiest wheels of any I’ve seen, for moving my tender plants in and out of the garage for the winter.

Seed Starting:

I have these seed starting pots. My seed starting mix was about 8 parts coco coir, 1 part vermiculite, and 1 part perlite.

Garden tools:

I have this set and really like it so far. It’s served me well.


These are what I used to amend my soil after I did a soil test with the Alabama Extension Office. The Soil Acidifier has been great in my blueberry pots!


For treatment/management of caterpillar pests such as squash vine borers and cabbage moths.




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