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Rockin’ Guitar Quilt

Time for a #flashbackfriday post! I made this guitar quilt for my mom’s birthday last July. I had come across the Groovy Guitars fabric by Michael Miller and immediately thought it would make an amazing guitar quilt for her. It’s a cross between her two favorite things: teal and guitars! I proceeded to research and plan so that I could make the perfect present for her.

I used the Groovy Guitar fabric in “lagoon” and dark grey; “tiny guitar picks” and “hoopla dot” also in lagoon, and “Ta Dot” in dark grey. I gathered my supplies: basting pins, batting, wide binding tape, and lots of thread, and got to work.

basic stitch | rockin' guitar quilt
As the top comes together…

It’s a simple design, really, and lap-quilt size, for sure. I wanted to make something bigger and more extravagant, but since this was my first quilt, I needed to be reasonable. I used a simple square pattern, cutting 5″ squares (and lucking out that I found some already cut in the lagoon groovy guitar fabric on Etsy!), laid out my pattern, with the grey guitars perpendicular to the lagoon ones, set out my cute little piles of fabric, and started sewing.

basic stitch | rockin' guitar quilt
Finished top laid out with the border and background fabrics.

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish it on time for her birthday. No worries, moms get it, right? I took a scrap of the fabric and put it in her card that I gave her on the big day, and promised that I would finish the “project” (I didn’t tell her what it was) soon.

basic stitch | rockin' guitar quilt
All done!

Fortunately, I was able to finish before she came to visit me a couple weeks later. It took a couple late nights, had some unaligned stitching, and surely isn’t as amazing as those quilts you see at quilt shows, but I was proud. I was proud of the design and the work that went into it. I was proud of what I had learned for next time. I was proud of the label I hand-embroidered, and the craftiness of putting it in the corner like I did.

Rockin' Guitar Quilt | basic stitch

I laid the finished guitar quilt on my bed, which I let her use during her visit, and Hank the cat approved. He was proud too, I think. And thankfully, so was she. She loved it! I mean, I know moms are supposed to love things their kids make them, but that’s not the point! 😉

basic stitch | rockin' guitar quilt

Hopefully the next quilt will finish itself get finished soon. I need to set the time aside for it, but things got a little crazy for a while.

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