Ohhh Lulu Panties Galore

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of my panties are wearing thin. I haven’t bought a lot in over 2 years, so it’s not terribly surprising. But I hate the idea of paying $5 or more for a pair that is cute, but not everything I’ve ever wanted, so I decided to start making my own. It doesn’t take much fabric, so I bought a few yards and got to work on a few pairs of Ohhh Lulu panties.

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties

These were my first pair of panties, made with the Ohhh Lulu‘s Grace Pattern. For these, I used some scraps from various projects. I made them several months ago and never blogged them. I really like them, but they’re a bit tight around my hips, which isn’t terribly surprising considering my hips. The pattern calls for a woven center fabric (anchors here) and a stretch for the sides. I imagine if I had used a stretchier stretch they would have been fine. Since it was my first pair of panties, I was really bad at elastic at that point. There was all sorts of elastic excitement happening, if we’re honest.

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties

I recently bought some cute teal knit fabric to make some more Ohhh Lulu panties out of, and got to work this week.
basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Panties: Grace and Nora

The first ones I made with this new fabric were Ohhh Lulu’s Nora panties. I was drawn to them for their fun side straps, which I think are so very clever. The other views include ribbon-tie side straps, and a thong with straps similar to the ones seen here.

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Nora Panties

For my “test garment”, seen here, I used gold and black polka-dot fold-over elastic, black strap elastic, and gold rings and sliders. I have plans for some with silver elastics and gunmetal rings and sliders, but I wanted to test it out first.

I’m super happy with how these turned out. I might need to either size down a teeny tiny bit for the next pair, or be more aggressive with my elastic-stretching as I sew. I’ll see how I feel after I wear them a few times.

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Nora Panties

And for the last pair in this round-up, I have some more Grace panties. These were made with stretch material in both the center and sides. I’m so thrilled with these! I’m wearing them right now and adore them. They fit marvelously and I’m certain these will be well worn. Also, the pink elastic makes me so happy, even if it doesn’t “match” the blue. I was whimsical, what can I say.
basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties

I’ll likely make a few (or lot) more pairs of the Grace pattern. I’ll also make a few more Noras, though I’m not sure if I’ll ever make the ribbon ones. Those might be fun for a bachelorette party gift or for my honeymoon. Ohhh Lulu panties will abound!


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