Ogden Cami Dress Hack

Hi friends, I’m finally back, with an Ogden Cami Dress!! I was hoping to be much better at blogging this summer, but life got the best of me. I had the opportunity to travel for work, and continued wandering around the world after the conference for fun. Between this and other school projects, I had minimal time for blog pictures. But, I did have time for some sewing, and now I’m playing blog catch up!

ogden cami dress | basic stitch

After I made my first Ogden Cami, I fell madly in love. I knew I needed more, and I wanted to make it into a dress. This really beautiful Wildflower Viscose Poplin from Blackbird Fabrics fits the project nicely, I think. I had never worked with viscose before, but this fabric is soooo soft and dreamy.

ogden cami dress | basic stitch

For hacking this into a dress, I loosely followed the True Bias tutorial. Kelli’s skirt is very wide and flowy, but I just made mine wide enough to accommodate my hips with a bit of room. I also like the elastic waist look on dresses like this, so I sewed some elastic into the seam allowance between the bodice and the skirt.

ogden cami dress | basic stitch

In the process of making this, I found that a shortened Ogden makes an excellent crop top (even though I’ve never been a “crop top person”)

Kelli’s tutorial has the skirt gathered but not the top. For my dress, I opted to gather both the skirt and the bodice a bit, and it came out pretty good. The only thing I’d do differently next time is to sew the bodice to the bodice lining. My lining is tacked down in a few places but this is far from the prettiest insides. I got too excited to finish and didn’t think this all the way through (whoops!).

ogden cami dress | basic stitch

I’m really happy with how this Ogden Cami Dress turned out! The Ogden Cami is so easy to wear, and the dress is no different. My only qualm with this is that the fabric gets a bit wrinkly, but that’s an easy enough fix. This might be one I make again another summer!

Has anyone else tried an Ogden Hack?

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