NYC Skyline

I have a friend who adores NYC. She’s been a few times and still posts pictures at least once every week or so from her trips. I saw this free pattern on Hugs are Fun and thought it would be fun to cross stitch it for her. So, without further ado…NYC Skyline!

basic stitch | NYC Skyline Cross-Stitch

I used an “Oatmeal” colored Aida cloth, for reasons that I can no longer remember. For some reason it took me well over a year to finish this. I tried to dye some Aida black, to make it like the night sky, but the dye didn’t take as well as I wanted it to. I used a teal DMC floss (3809), along with a gold metallic for the lettering.

I’m happy with how it turned out. I had set it aside at some point and was determined to finish it recently, and discovered that there were only a few stitches left on the skyline, and then adding the lettering.

I had thought about adding “Welcome to New York” (because T-Swift) but for some reason opted against it. I’m not sure if this was more out of laziness or because I liked the simplicity of just the “New York”. I’m happy with it and she seemed to be too!

basic stitch | NYC Skyline cross-stitch

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