Me Made May 2016 Roundup!

So this year for Me Made May, I decided I was aiming for one me-made item per week. I’ve only been sewing for about a year, and I seem to mostly make dresses and lingerie, so I knew my everyday-wear options were slim. Without further ado, my 2016 Me Made May roundup!

The first item I wore was the self-drafted maxi skirt I made in April. It’s super comfy and flattering, and I sported it during my failed surprise mom visit for Mother’s Day (even if the surprise part failed, she was still happy to see me).

Next up was the super simple cross-back bird tank that I made last summer and still haven’t blogged. I love this tank because it’s summery and fun. Theoretically, I could wear this to school under a cardigan and no one would know about the cross-back excitement.

After wearing the bird tank, I got inspired and decided to make another tank (also not blogged) with the same pattern (different view), and promptly wore it to a baseball game. The back on this one is closed, and next time I make it I might have to use self-bias tape because the stuff I used this time was not the best for the job. I actually have worn this to school under a cardigan already and no one is the wiser. Not that this one would be a problem at all.

Me Made May | basic stitch
Also, look how strong I am… 😀

My next Me Made May wear was my very first make – a peplum top in a black/white floral cotton. I really like this one sometimes, but other times I get annoyed by the peplum. Not my favorite style, and I wasn’t expecting it to be so much fabric (though if you’ve read that blog post, you know I had to take it in quite a bit to make it fit me, and it seems like I may need to take it in again).

Then, I had my weekend wear: the lovely Anna Dress that I just made this month. The more I wear it (I’m at like 3 times already), the more I love it. I think it’s my new favorite dress, so I can’t wait to make some more of these!

Lastly, my Maritime Shorts made an appearance. I wore these on the last day of Me Made May, which happened to be the day of my qualifying exam. I needed something to cheer me up, and it was so hot out, so it worked well.

There we have it! That’s my Me Made May 2016 roundup. I’m proud of myself, since I was able to wear 6 items (which is more than my goal of one a week!). I really enjoyed this and hope to continue to wear more me-made items on a regular basis. And hopefully next year, I will have a more filled-out wardrobe to include! 🙂

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