DIY Maxi Skirt

Ohh, maxi skirts, how I love you. You hug my curves at all the right places, and give me one more day of spring without shaving. You come in all different colors, and can be paired with almost any shirt I own. Why do I only own one of you? Time to make a DIY Maxi Skirt!

basic stitch | DIY maxi skirt

I had some stretch knit fabric with a fun chevron-esque print that was just dying to be made into a skirt, so this was the obvious fabric choice. I have no idea where this fabric came from, I really don’t, but that detail is pretty irrelevant now, especially since I know for sure it was a remnant.

basic stitch | DIY maxi skirt

I’ve seen tons of DIY maxi skirt tutorials online, so I decided it couldn’t possibly be that difficult to make one and went for it. I was right – it was super easy! I made the “pattern” by measuring my pre-existing maxi skirt length and width at the top and the bottom and then translating these numbers and points to a piece of tracing paper. Reminder for next time: don’t forget the seam allowance (not a huge problem in this case, but hugely problematic in others).

basic stitch | DIY maxi skirt

Pardon the selfie face, please 😉


This project was my first successful use of both my serger and twin needles on my sewing machine for a real project! I accidentally de-threaded the serger my grandma sent me for Christmas, and it took me several weeks to figure out how to rethread it. Now I’m almost certain I won’t ever let it get unthreaded, though I now know how to fix it.

basic stitch | DIY maxi skirt

Sometimes I just have to get a little sassy with the wildly talented Chelsea Locklear



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