My Very First Watson Bra

There are two things I really love, outside of that whole science thing I’m doing: bras and sewing. So when I saw this pattern for the Watson Bra on Cloth Habit, it was fate. I wanted to make it immediately, but I had just started sewing, so I knew I needed more practice first.
Basic Stitch | Watson Bra

I have to say, I recently bought a couple of bra making kits from Blackbird Fabrics, and I really wanted to make the Watson bra once or twice before getting them to make sure it fit and whatnot. Well…it does. Like a charm! (And not just on my dress form!)

For reference, my underbust measurement is 28″, full bust is 35″, and overbust is 31″; following the pattern directions, I made a 30D. A lot of people have written that they made their RTW side, but that isn’t what the directions indicate to do. So if anyone is curious about that and laying in bed at 2AM searching through everyone’s blog posts to see if they used the directions’ measurement system, I hope that’s helpful. I did not do any such things… 😉

Basic Stitch | Watson Bra

I used some lace I had bought online for another project that I never got around to. I had used it on some panties I had made using the Oh Lulu Grace Hipster Pattern and it seemed like a good fit.

The powermesh on the band was ordered through Etsy, and came in a whiteish nude color. I dyed it purple because…well, I really like purple, and it seemed like it would work with the black better than the oddly not-quite-nude-not-quite-white color it was before.

Basic Stitch | Watson Bra

The findings all came from a kit that I bought, also on Etsy, and I actually just found the bow on my computer when I sat down to type this, so I haven’t decided if I’ll add that or just leave it. Honestly, I think I like it the way it is.

The Watson bra is a very quick sew. I started around 6:00pm with fabric cutting and dyeing (yes, I dyed my fabric literally right before cutting it. Please don’t judge me…), and finished around 11:00. All this while watching the Panthers CRUSH the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game.
Basic Stitch | Watson Bra

Perhaps I’ll wear it while watching the Panthers play in the SUPERBOWL! Maybe it’ll be good luck! 🙂

Be on the lookout for more of these!

Happy stitching!

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