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Deer & Doe Datura Blouse

The Deer & Doe Datura Blouse is a classic shell with some fun twists. It is semi-fitted and has a buttoned lower back. There are two options for necklines: a triangle cutout or a Peter Pan collar. If you’ve been around here long, you know that I basically live in tank + cardigan combos. I’m always on the lookout for a good tank pattern, and adding some buttons to the back is a sure-fire way to pique my interest.

deer and doe datura top with helen's closet blackwood cardigan| so rachel sews

The Pattern: Datura Blouse

This was my first Deer & Doe pattern. As mentioned, I’m a sucker for tank tops and an even bigger sucker for buttons on the back of blouses. This pattern has it all! The fun triangle cutout neckline was just a bonus!

The neckline on view A and the hem are finished with bias tape. The yoke is two layers, so everything is nicely enclosed inside the blouse. I finished with french seams so there are zero raw edges inside! The buttons are really just there for show, sewn through both layers of the back “placket”, so no buttonholes are required.

datura top back | so rachel sews

I cut a size 42 based on my measurements (B37″/W30″/H42″) and the fact that the hip is loose on this pattern. The sizing feels like it might be a bit off, honestly. I think I could probably go down a size, at least for the bust/waist, based on how much room I have under my arms. Both the dart and the cutouts in the neckline feel a bit low on me too.

The pattern came together easily and pretty quickly. The instructions on the back buttons were for some reason very confusing to me, but I figured it out eventually. I’m not sure if I was just not paying attention, or if the pattern was actually confusing. I may be a convert to bias tape hems after this pattern, though. It was so much easier than trying to fold a curved hem up just the right amount all the way around!

datura top with cutouts| so rachel sews

The Fabric

I chose a rainbow stripe apparel fabric from Joann for this Datura blouse. I’m guessing it’s a poly/poly-blend but I’m not sure and I can’t find it on their website. It’s got a lot of character and for some reason, I just felt like it was begging to be a Datura blouse. I think it turned out wonderfully and that the fabric was just right for the pattern! The buttons are also from Joann. They are an antique gold finish with some detail around the circumference. They’re hard to see with all the busyness of the fabric, but I think a nice touch. 

deer & doe datura blouse - details | so rachel sews

deer and doe datura top | so rachel sews


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