Custom Cutting Table

Hi friends! I apologize for my silence lately – things have been really busy. I finally got back to sewing, and I’ll be writing about my new makes soon. In the meantime, I thought I would share the latest addition to my sewing room – a cutting table!

I recently decided I needed a cutting table. Since I started sewing after I had moved into my current apartment, nothing was really set up for it. Cutting at a desk is harder on my back than I initially realized. I started researching various ideas and found a tutorial on the Closet Case Patterns blog, along with several other ideas. However, my apartment doesn’t have a ton of space for a more permanent table like Heather’s. That didn’t stop me from wanting to try, so I called my parents asking them to mail me a saw so I could make one myself. They said no…

Conveniently, my dad is a cabinetmaker, so for Christmas, he agreed to help me make a custom cutting table. I must admit, it is much nicer than anything I could have made myself. It’s also flexible and great for my space. Dad was finally able to deliver it this weekend, and I think it brought my sew-jo with it! 🙂  custom cutting table | basic stitch
The opened measurements are 36″ x 75″, with a height of 36″, which is ideal for a work table. My parents got me a cutting mat set for Christmas to go along with the table. It’s actually three mats that clip together for a total size of 35″ x 70″ (they also have a 23″ x 70″ set), but I can take the individual mats off to as small as 23-5/8″ x 35″ if I’m only cutting small things.

custom cutting table | basic stitch

As I mentioned, this table is really flexible. I can fold down the top to a closed measurement of 25″ x 36″ (a good size for one of the mats” or can put up one or both sides. The legs (in the back) are on hinges, and fold in under the top when it’s folded down. The diagonal supports are removable when I want to close it down and I store them next to the plastic bin on the middle shelf. The whole thing is on casters so I can move it around as I need to.

custom cutting table | basic stitch
In use and folded down to its smallest size

My dad has skillz (no surprises there) – that drawer goes all the way to the back of the cabinet! Better yet, it’s on full extension drawer slides so I can pull it all the way out to get to the stuff at the back. It’s all neat and pretty right now, but I’m sure that won’t last too terribly long! 😉

custom cutting table | basic stitch

I’m so excited to finally have this cutting table in my workspace. It’s already been great for cutting and pinning, and the storage is great.

3 thoughts on “Custom Cutting Table

  1. Amazing idea, it looks perfect!!! How did you stick the mat down? My sewing table is half an old dining table, I only have the middle (28cm) and then one side that lifts up, I constantly lift my mat up and down, you’ve really got me thinking 🙂

    1. I actually haven’t stuck the mats to the table at all. I store the mats between the back of the table and the wall when I’m not using them. I’d love to see what you come up with 🙂

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