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Chi-Town Chinos (& Another Ogden Cami)

Hello again, friends! I’m back today with a summer staple outfit: comfy shorts and a great tank! Specifically, Chi-Town Chinos and another Ogden Cami. I made both of these earlier this summer, and they both came with me on my trip to Europe!

chi-town chinos | basic stitch

This was my first time making the Chi-Town Chinos, so I started with the basic shorts pattern. I also have the pants expansion, and would like to make the skirt as well. I really wish I had gotten to the skirt this summer as well, but it will have to wait for next spring, I think.

chi-town chinos | basic stitch

I’m having to learn how to alter patterns for my pear shape. I got the fit pretty good on my Ginger Jeans, but each pattern is a little different. My mom suggested I use the Ginger pattern for my shorts this summer, but I really wanted to try out a new pattern. The only full-butt adjustment tutorial for the Chi-Town Chinos that I could find was for the skirt. So, I used the By Hand London tutorial on butt adjustments to get enough space for my booty in these shorts. The back darts ended up really big, and they lay a little weird, but the pockets kinda hide them.

chi-town chinos | basic stitch

I used a dark denim from Cali Fabrics. It worked well for the pattern, but I’ve run into a few issues. First, when there are several layers of denim, my machine cannot sew a buttonhole through them. The buttonhole foot is too low so the fabric cannot fit underneath. Second, the fabric eases up during the day (as many do) to the point where the shorts are way too big for a second wear before washing. I’ll have to take this into account when I make another pair next summer. Ideally, travel clothes can be worn more than once before needing a wash.

chi-town chinos | basic stitch
Here’s this outfit (which is one of my go-tos) in Corinth, Greece!!

Quick word about this Ogden Cami… I love it! No surprises there, I know. For my forst Ogden Cami, I made a straight 6, even though my waist falls in the size 4 range. For this one, I took in the waist to a 4. I think I like the fit much better, even though the difference is subtle. I also shortened the straps by about an inch, which makes me feel less like I might flash someone accidentally. These simple modifications make this winning pattern even better for me!

chi-town chinos & ogden cami | basic stitch

I’ll be back soon with one more summer tank and a PR Sewing Bee Entry! 🙂

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