2016 Top 5 Misses

Earlier this week, I posted about my Top 5 Hits of 2016. Today, I’m going to talk about my Top 5 Misses. Some of these are due to poor fabric choices, poor sizing choices, or poor execution. I would not say that any of these are due to poor patterns.

Maritime Shorts

basic stitch | maritime shorts

These shorts were my first attempt at anything with a crotch (how weird is that sentence?). I opted not to grade between sizes (because it confuses me) but then realized they were faarrrr too big in the waist. I ended up having to take them in at the side and back seams to get them to kinda fit. Because that was a bit of an afterthought, it wasn’t done very well. They’re also really big in the thighs so I’ll have to deal with that next time I make this pattern.

Vintage Easter Dress

basic stitch | vintage vogue 8728

I think I really just made this dress too big. My waist can fluctuate an inch or more in any given day so I was worried it would be too tight. I also wasn’t comfortable with my serger yet so I had to frantically add some bias tape to the seams so they wouldn’t fray too bad. It’s a shame because I really like how it looks, aside from being too big. I’ll likely make this one again and try a different size.

Padding in the Zooey Bikini

ohhh lulu zooey bikini | basic stitch

Okay, let me start out with: I love this bikini!! There are two problems with it, but both can be lived with. First, I tried to add foam cups for modesty’s sake, but didn’t trim them down enough so they’re a bit weird at the top. Next time, I will use cut-and-sew foam and make it the right size/shape for the pattern. Second, I always have trouble getting panties/bikini bottoms to fit. My hips are big enough to require one size, but I think my lower booty requires a smaller size. So that’s fun. Maybe I just need to stretch my elastic more as I sew. I’m going to try this one again once it gets warm enough to think about swimming again.

Blue tank

cross-back tank | basic stitch

This is McCalls 6751. I can’t made another version of it that had an open back (also never blogged) and then tried out this one. The fit on the open back one was far more forgiving (and drapey), so this one surprised me. I almost knew it was going to be too small but did it anyway. The pattern is drafted pretty short, so I tried to do a very small hem, but it just turned out wonky. It’s not even because I was only half trying, I think. The keyhole back is cool, but I trimmed the bias tape used to finish it too short so it gets weird there at the middle. I might try this again in a knit so the stretch will help me out. We’ll see. At least my back looked good… 😉

Button woes

The only other “miss” this year was having a button fall off of my Bonn Shirt the first time I washed it. That was a bummer, but is fixable. All in all, a pretty good year. 🙂

Did you have any “misses” this year? What did you learn from them?

Stay tuned the rest of this week for reflections, highlights, and goals for 2017!

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